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Educational Videos, Navitaire White Paper and NDC Security Model By Yanik Hoyles



Your Latest Round of NDC News:
Educational Videos, Navitaire White Paper and NDC Security Model
By Yanik Hoyles

The second module of NDC educational videos is now available online

Further to the release of a first set of videos introducing NDC in March, we are pleased to announce that the second module is now available for your review.

Presented by Bryan Wilson, IATA Director, Industry Architecture, these new educational videos provide a step-by-step explanation of how an airline can use NDC to manage key processes in relation to their distribution, ground handling and other airline partners (i.e. interline partners).

If you’re keen to understand NDC, we encourage you to check the following videos:
§  How to use NDC - Shopping & Ordering http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=ad933b921a393a1f17189316050016d415756c717b1bcd2dfab709c3da734d9d
§  How to use NDC - Interline
§  How to use NDC - Operations
§  How to use NDC - Industry Settlement
The next and final module is planned for release in August and will explain how to get started with NDC.

Navitaire releases its NDC white paper

As one of the technology companies long involved with NDC, Navitaire recently published a white paper, NDC: From order taking to air retailing, in which it asks airlines a crucial question: are you ready to embrace NDC?

Elaborating on the rising demand from (corporate) travelers and airlines for customized and personalized digital interactions, this white paper confirms the role of NDC as a major enabler of modernization in airline sales and distribution.

The ninth meeting of DDXWG sees the launch of the NDC Security Model

Last month, IATA hosted the ninth meeting of its Data Distribution Exchange Working Group (DDXWG) in Montreal. This latest meeting provided an opportunity for IATA to present its NDC Security Model concept designed to secure NDC-driven booking and payment transactions.

This model will allow for the authentication, authorization, identity and status management of all actors involved in these transactions: travel agencies, aggregators and airlines.

Stay tune for more information about the NDC Security Model.